Monday, October 22, 2012

haito uchi + mawaru + kiba dachi = takedown

One of these days I'll have to start recording my own videos to demonstrate what I'm rattling on about.  Fortunately for me, and you, there's lots of good video already out there.  This brings me to the thought for the day: haito uchi (ridge hand strike), mawaru (turn), and kiba dachi (horse back riding stance) combined yield a quite effective takedown.  Alvin Guinanao demonstrates.

Note:  If you are re-reading this and notice a change in the title, it is my fault.  Originally, I had zenkutsu dachi in the title, but on reviewing Alvin's video, I noticed that the zenkutsu dachi is not there, though kiba dachi is obvious.  Rather than search all over for the video I had in mind (it's out there) I left it at kiba dachi.  If any of you show up at the NYC seminar this year, or get to meet me, ask me about the zenkutsu dachi and I'll be happy to demonstrate.


  1. I see the link to pinan sono san here!! Good stuff!!

  2. The video is from silat, but I definitely see the similarities to Okinawan karate in there! I remember studying a near identical cycle with a shobayashi practitioner awhile ago, especially starting with the cross body kick.

    Great video, thanks for sharing it along with your thoughts!